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Mummy + Me Picture Kit

All my kits come complete with everything you need to make your picture, apart from threads. Each kit comes with the design already drawn onto the linen base fabric. This makes the embroidery easy to follow as you just need to follow my lines and instructions. My approach to teaching embroidery is that ‘you cannot make a mistake’ Wibbly wobbly lines are perfectly acceptable and it adds to the whole ‘hand guided’ approach. You don’t need to be experienced at free- hand embroidery, just basic skills are all that is required to do these kits. I give you top tips and advice, along with step by step images and instructions from start to finish. The designs that include adding applique, has the fabric pieces all pre-backed with the iron on adhesive, so it is super easy to cut out and apply. I am also happy to be contacted if you need to ask me any questions, along the way!

Whats Included:
- Base fabric for your beach and sea
- Stencil sheet
- Bag of applique fabrics, pre-backed with the ‘iron on adhesive’

What you need:
- 3x threads- Dark grey, Blue and Brown/beige.
- Small paper scissors (to cut out your stencils)
- Embroidery scissors
- Iron
- Sewing machine (set up for free- motion embroidery)
-  Picture frame.

Cushion dimensions: 8" x 8"

All kits are for personal use only and not to be re-sold. All designs belong to Lara Sparks embroidery and cannot be reproduced for re-sale.


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