Embroidered Cushions

Bespoke made to order cushions. These cushions are unique one-off embroidered pieces, made into a cushion.

They are embroidered onto quality linen and then cotton applique is added to create the landscapes. Detailed stitching is then also added to define the grasses, trees, flowers etc. As these are made to order commissions, I can work to within certain budgets to give customers what they want in terms of season, colours etc to add something special to their own home interiors.

Due to the nature of the technique, the same design can never be repeated exactly. Each cushion will have its on unique variations but will retain all the detail of the previous designs. Click on gallery to see a selection of sold designs which gives an idea of the various styles, themes I can do.

Prices for these special custom made cushions vary between £95 - £150 each .There may also be a wait for these handmade products, depending on what is required.

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