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Embroidered one-off Autumn Shade

Embroidered Lampshade This lampshade captures all the beauty of the colours of Autumn – stitched in burnt orange, rich browns with pops of brighter colours too. These lampshades are made to order embroideries that are unique on every order. These take time, so please be patient. When ordering these, I will email you asking for any requests and I will also give you a timescale as to when you will receive your lampshade.

Large: 40cm (Diameter) - £290
Medium: 30cm (Diameter) - £185
Samll: 20cm (Diameter) - £110

45cm available upon request

Shape: Drum style (Round)

Fabric: 100% Off-white linen

Background Colour:
Off white linen
Oatmeal linen
Pale Blue

Postage: £5/£7/£12

These lampshades are made to order only. Each repeat of design will be different due to the ‘hand guided’ nature of free-hand embroidery. So the item you receive won't match the pictures exactly!


Want something a little more personal? Commission your perfect lampshade with specific flowers, birds and colours.

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