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Wild Flowers

Bring a little bit of summer into your home! One of my favourite embroideries to do. I use many different coloured threads to create these delicate flowers. Each shade will be slightly different, due to the ‘free- hand, drawing, I do on the sewing machine. It is impossible to reproduce exactly the same design. that way, every customer receives a design and flower combination unique to them. When the light is on, the embroidery is illuminated and the light source becomes as the sun, lighting up the flowers on a sunny day! A colourful lampshade with a timeless design!

Large: 40cm (Diameter) x 25cm (H) - £180
Medium: 30cm (Diameter) x 21cm (H) - £140
Small: 20cm (Diameter) x 18cm (H) - £90

Shape: Drum style (Round)

100% Off-white linen
100% Black linen

These lampshades are made to order only. Each repeat of design will be different due to the ‘hand guided’ nature of free-hand embroidery. So the item you receive won't match the pictures exactly!


Want something a little more personal? Commission your perfect lampshade with specific flowers, birds and colours.

Commission Lampshade

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