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This fun, colourful lampshade I designed from my memories of when I lived just down the coast from where I do now, in Brighton. I cut out all the fabric applique pieces first and then free-stitch them down adding all the detail on the fairground and pier structure. The sea and a seagulls are the final little stitched details. When the light is on, the pier lights up, just like the sun coming out. All the embroidery is illuminated and it comes to life. This lampshade is cheery, fun and unique.

Large: 40cm (Diameter) x 25cm (H) - £140
Medium: 30cm (Diameter) x 21cm (H) - £90

Shape: Drum style (Round)

Fabric: 100% Off-white linen

Postage: £7/£12

These lampshades are made to order only. Each repeat of design will be different due to the ‘hand guided’ nature of free-hand embroidery. So the item you receive won't match the pictures exactly!


Want something a little more personal? Commission your perfect lampshade with specific flowers, birds and colours.

Commission Lampshade

Pier Pressure!

Match the seaside look
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